Dear customers,

Polycarb Sunshine Skylights is dedicated to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and prioritising the health of both customers and staff. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are implementing procedures to keep both our customers and staff safe while continue completing works.
Unless otherwise directed by the Federal or State Government, we are continuing to complete site visits and installations.
Since most of our work is completed either in the roof space or on the roof, we do not require to spend a lot of time within your home. We believe that installations can still be completed in a timely manner if we work together.


• Staff and contractors will be practicing social distancing from customers and each other, both indoors and outdoors.
• Staff and contractors will be practicing non-contact greetings (i.e. no handshakes).
• Minimising the number of people required at your premises to carry out works.
• Discontinuing use of drop sheets, which are hard to maintain during this time. Our installers will instead vacuum the areas they work in as they finish – our processes do not generally leave a lot of dust and it is generally contained.
• Implementing good hygiene practices
• Ensuring workers who are unwell stay at home
• Abiding by quarantine and self-isolation rules as required
• Arranging contactless payment
• Keeping our staff, contractors, and work practices up to date and in line with official information, health advice and requirements throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the interest of minimising health risks and complying with State and Federal Government requirements, we would appreciate your assistance us with the following:
• Completing, signing, and returning the attached ‘Health Disclosure Form’ prior to any scheduled site visits and
installations. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions on this form, or your health condition changes after
completing the form, we may need to reschedule your work. The information provided in this form will remain
confidential and protected in line with relevant privacy legislation.
• The most important aspect is to maintain social distancing requirements and avoid physical contact (i.e. handshakes) with our staff and contractors. Once installation locations and other specifics are determined, you will be able to leave our installers to complete their work.
• Making available somewhere for our staff to wash and dry or sanitise their hands upon arrival, before departure, and at any other time they feel is necessary while they are working at the premises.
• Providing the most direct and non-invasive access possible to the area where works are being carried out, even if this means staff and contractors must walk around your house to a rear door.
• Securing pets so that we can leave an access door open for the period of the installation – this will help us limit touching of door handles etc.
• Keeping benches and other surfaces clear in the areas we need to install.
• Once our staff and contractors are finished, please wipe down any benches, doors, and other surfaces that we have been in contact with.
Your cooperating during these unprecedented times is greatly appreciated. We thank you for your understanding and for helping us put everyone’s health and safety first. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how your site visit or installation works will be carried out.

Kind Regards

The Team at Polycarb Sunshine Skylights

Health Disclosure form

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • In the last 14 days have you or someone you have regular close contact with been: please tick(such as family, friends, housemates and co-workers etc)

    Displaying any of the following symptoms similar to the flu:


Please limit the number of people in the vicinity of the work whilst our workers are on your property.

As soon as you become aware, please advise if any person has become unwell, been quarantined or is self-isolating due to potential exposure, since completing this form.

When one or more of our workers attend your property they will:-

  • Follow strict social distancing practices inside and outside your property.
  • Not shake your hand on arrival but greet you verbally, whilst keeping strict social distance.
  • Follow strict hygiene practices when undertaking their work, washing hands regularly and/or using sanitiser, cleaning high use areas regularly.
  • All payment is contactless – this will be arranged either prior to their arrival via invoice, credit card or transfer. If any payment is required on the day of their arrival, this is to be done via phone or by credit card. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.