Skylight installations tend to require a bit of construction. There’s nothing as fulfilling has having a new traditional skylight installed at your home, preferably in the kitchen or living room even if it requires an extra bit of work from a contractor as the benefits it provides are worth it.

From getting the necessary raw materials to the costs of employing a contractor, you may want to consider if the entire process is worth it. While sky lighting is a highly beneficial solution, every person’s needs differ so you may want another option.

Traditional Skylights: Why They Are Great

A traditional skylight is a natural light fixture that allows natural sunlight to filter into your home.

While there are different styles like the original rectangular flat roof variety, there are many solutions as well for homes that do not have time for such elaborate construction. Some of these solutions include tubed sky lighting that requires only the most minimal work.

Whichever you choose, this work requires removing some parts of your roof or ceiling, the viability of which can differ depending on the architecture that you have. While professional contractors can give you a visit and do their own recommendations, it’s a method that isn’t for any DIY guys out there.

A skylight fixture requires expertise and dedication to succeed, especially because it will give you a few problems if you’re unsure of your methods. It takes time, high skill, a lot of planning and some extra finances.

Modern iterations of the original sky light are quite cost-effective. From the raw costing of structural materials together with the labour from a contractor, it’s not as expensive as it was once was. This expense also pays for itself in the long run with daylighting savings.

Solar Skylights Alternatives: The Alternative to Flat Roof Sky Lighting

For all of the benefits of skylights, the wonderful natural coloured lighting and the long-term cost-effectiveness boost to both your residential and commercial lighting needs, there must be a solution to the heat that skylights on a flat roof bring.

There should be something that gives all the benefits while taking care of some of the natural limits that a skylight has.

Solar Light Whiz is a one of a kind lighting solution brightens your home with naturally-coloured LED lighting systems that imitate the cosiness of soft outdoor sunshine. Our solar skylights alternatives powered by a photovoltaic panel that does not require any extensive installation.

Our solar sky lighting technology allows us to add a PV panel in your roofing without much of an intrusion – then connect it to our LED lighting array. Quick, easy work that even you can do by yourself with a bit of elbow grease.

Solar Light Whiz Can Cut Down Time, Costs and Effort

Solar Light Whiz can be added to any roofing surface, from roof tiles to shingles to corrugated roofing, the entire system can be added for you in no time. A brighter, better home is at your grasp and it requires almost no effort from you.

As our solar skylights alternatives use a high-efficiency PV panel that soaks up all that sunshine, we have a more flexible installation procedure in comparison to other brands. It supports a full array of naturally coloured LED lights to brighten more space for the same price, powering up to ten lighting systems per panel array.

Our skylights are flexible. The design of our solar LED skylight is recommended for daylighting, but we understand the need for night light at home. We can also add our night operations kit so you can enjoy our benefits day or night.

If you want some extra features like mood lighting, we can add a dimmer as well. This will act as the shutters for your room.

The entire skylight adjusts in overcast weather, simulating conditions similar to a traditional roof skylight.

A roof skylight is great but if you want something as good and easier, Solar Light Whiz can give you all the benefits of traditional flat roof skylights with zero drawbacks anywhere in your home, anytime you want.