Using Skylights In Unique Styles and Designs

Triple skylight kitchen

How do you add skylights in your home? Do you simply choose what design, how big and then let the contractor to start cutting? Regardless if you’re building a new home or renovating to improve the brightness situation of your home, form with function is preferable and playing with your sky lighting options is excellent.

Utilising Skylights Your Way

One architectural design that makes us appreciate the use of traditional skylight systems is the integration of the fenestrations into the design space, making sure that it looks seamless into the style of the room.

Whilst this is typically not something that can be done with traditional housing, you would still want to aim for home designs that strategically add light elements into the actual architecture. There are ways to work that out with traditional skylights.

Think Out of the Box

Out of the box designs are perfect for people who are willing to experiment with their homes. Amongst our favourite styles is to create a set up that hides the frame of the skylight. This can be done during the construction or renovation of the home itself.

What this does is create depth in your ceiling and, by hiding the high strength ceiling surrounds and frames for your home, you can have the illusion of a glazed ceiling. You may also want to play around with the sizes of your skylight system.

Experiment and Be Bold
The common use of sky lighting systems is to have a small treatment up there in your ceiling to take care of large spaces. In some parts of your home like the bathroom or the work area, you can make the typically mundane space more stunning by going big and bold. Use visual tricks so the room looks more ambient.

Integrate Sky Lights Into the Design Seamlessly

Before starting a project, be it for a simple retrofit or for a complete renovation of your home, see how you can integrate the skylight into the entire design aesthetics of your room. Try to make it look stylised and modular, especially if you have extra finances that can go into improving the aesthetic of the build.

Take Into Account Night Time Operations

Consider as well the night time operations that you will have for the space that the sky lighting will take care of. Remember that the installation will create a dark area in your ceiling, so it can help assist your mood lighting needs.

Position your night lights in areas where they can take care of the space that the skylight is supposed to illuminate. Whilst it will still filter in some natural evening light, darker evenings can make it look like a dark hole, so play with this style as you please. Soft lighting can make easier on the eyes.

Encourage Movement and Emphasis

People are guided by the use of lights, acting as a guide to a certain direction. You can use these natural light sources to get people moving, so you can use it to help motivate movement of people from area to area.

Use it as well to emphasise spaces that you want people to pay attention to – living rooms, kitchens or even areas that you have conversation pieces in.

Play with Geometry to Enhance Light Elements

If you can, use a skylight as a centrepiece to contrasting geometry in your ceiling. The contrast in geometry helps boost the illumination ability of your sky lighting. Even if you use a smaller setup recommended for your home, correct geometry can help make it more powerful.

By creating a set up where the sunlight filters wider around the room, you’re helping the ambient light from the windows to illuminate the room further and reduce dark areas, which is a perfect way to make a room look larger than it actually is.


There’s a lot to adding skylights than simply adding new light sources to your home and saving money. If you are willing to experiment, there’s many methods that you can use to naturally add the installation seamlessly.

The best way to do so is check for designs on the internet and consult experts like an interior designer or architect together with your favourite skylight provider so they can work together to make your vision a reality.

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