Sustainable Lighting with Skylights

Sustainable lighting skylights

Australia has growing demands when it comes to its light sources. We as humans would need to curb our energy consumption if we want to leave a habitable world for our future generation. Sustainable lighting is an important step into the cycle of sustainable living, which helps us combat climate change in our own little way.

The Global Challenge of Sustainability

There are global challenges that exist in today’s world that need to be addressed properly so we can withstand the brunt of human-induced environmental impacts. These are rapid population growth, excessive urbanisation and rising wasteful consumption.

These three factors rapidly make living in our current state impossible, and there are different elements that we would to correct to make sure that we still have a tomorrow not only as Australians but as a species. Energy consumption is one of these elements.

By utilising ways to create energy savings for big parts of the population, we can take off a good chunk of the energy consumption off our backs. This can be done through sustainable lighting.

Why Sustainable Lighting is Important

The importance of sustainable light solutions like skylights come from the fact that we have an ever-growing demand for energy. As we improve our technologies, we need more and more energy to provide services and enable comfort and well-being in our lives.

Whilst we do not disagree with this notion, this means two things: One, the entire world needs more lighting solutions to work with the rising demand. Two, we need something more efficient to curb the impact of the rise in demand to our environment. We need to be smart about it and we need it fast.

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions for a Growing Consumer

Whilst moving to efficient LED lighting is a smart way to do it, we have another solution: skylights. Sky lighting is the installation of specially designed lighting systems that filter bright natural light towards your home.

Skylight systems provide unparalleled energy efficiency. As it uses 100% sunlight and has zero electrical costs, you can get a lot of energy savings with zero carbon emissions and zero dependence on the grid for your light expenses, helping sustainable development to progress.

Residential and commercial applications of sky lights can remove the burden of energy consumption off our utility bills, which can set us back by a minimum of 12% to a maximum of 40% of our power expenses.

This translates into a big amount of saved money and reduced emissions which, once scaled, can be a significant game changer to our goal of a sustainable green economy and impact reduction.

Skylights Beyond the Statistics

After energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and monetary savings, skylights offer more in terms of improving the quality of life of the people who use it. With special add-ons like dimming shutters for light level adjustment and even night time operation kits, you can be sure to provide an unwavering service to its consumer base.

Bright natural light can help improve productivity, overall health and demeanour that makes the locale more liveable and attractive. These skylights are the modern iterations of the older tilted glass windows, which offer far superior protection than these classical styles.

Skylights are tough enough to withstand inclement weather. It can filter out up to 60% less heat and provide hail protection, when you have glazing layers added to improve radiation protection, which reduces the risk of sunburns and skin cancer significantly.

Skylighting for Sustainability

Skylights are an easy, simple and cost-effective way to push for sustainable lighting solutions for residential and commercial establishments. The push to a better tomorrow should start now to make sure there’s a future ahead for all of us.

Sky lighting can help in the efforts for sustainability. With the global increase in resource consumption, it’s a no-brainer to utilise this method as a way to help save the world we live in. Help improve the rate of energy independence through smart light systems and daylighting solutions that work.

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