There are many situations in our current modern living where the generic light fixtures don’t cut it. You might have a lot of reasons behind it but the typical issue is that people who live in some places can’t have the skylights they want.

Maybe you live in an apartment, on the middle floors where there’s another unit above you, a room too small to accommodate great sky lighting or just a locale that the council is restrictive. You want one and you can’t. We get it.

You’re annoyed. You feel a little distraught. Great natural coloured light can make all the difference in the world when trying to improve the ambience of your place, making it comfortable to live in. You don’t have to suffer anymore.

Illuminate Anywhere, Everywhere with Solar LED Skylights

If you have any problems that limit your ability to utilise the great benefits of skylights in your locale, Solar Light Whiz is the answer to your problems.

Solar Light Whiz utilises the power of the sun through our solar panel illuminates your home with naturally coloured LED lighting systems. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your room is. From common rooms, living rooms to bedrooms and corridors, there’s a setup that is right for you.

Our solar LED sky lighting system is designed to array up to a total of 10 LED lighting units per panel, so you get more per system instead of getting an independent set up for every light. It goes wherever you want, wherever you need it and requires very little work from your side.

A Solar Light Whiz For Every Need

No matter how big or small your home is, we have something that can go with it. Solar skylights boast unmatched flexibility on what can be added to your home. The limit is your imagination.

Our rounded skylights are the best for tighter spaces where you need great illumination –  corridors, bathrooms and bedrooms – areas where a quick and easy light system can improve the mood greatly. You may want to have a dimmer add-on to act as your shutter, especially for bedrooms.

For bigger rooms that need rich, strong lighting wherein illuminating it as brightly as possible gives you a great ambience, the square and rectangular skylight systems the ones for you.

They are perfect for game rooms, media rooms, offices, garages and generally any wide open space where great lights are dearly appreciated.

Solar Light Whiz LED sky lighting uses 4000 to 4500K colour temperature, similar to soft white light early in the morning. It’s there to relax your eyes, make you comfortable and it is light on the eyesight, unlike 6500K blue/white light wavelength found in mobile devices and computer radiation.

Solar Skylights: Sustainability in a Simple System

Solar Light Whiz is your partner in urban sustainability. It does not matter where you live or how big or small your place is.  Your options are highly variable and it can be installed on almost any roofing surface that you have. All the benefits with the very minimal hassle.

This solar skylight system is a lot of good things. It’s very cost-efficient as it runs fully on solar power. It’s the perfect daylighting solution, while a night operations module can be added as an extra option.

Solar Light Whiz is to give you easy living in a simple, meaningful way. Solar skylights are what you need to make your life brighter, simpler and easier for the modern era.