Solar Skylights Alternatives Are Your Best Lighting Systems

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Solar skylights are the best lighting systems around and nothing comes close to its efficiency and effectiveness. Emulating the colour of natural light, it’s your perfect solution to many lighting issues that has you wondering how you can solve them. Flexibility, cost-effectiveness and sustainability – these are everything solar sky lighting can do that none of the others can even go close.

How Does Solar Skylighting Work?

Solar skylights are designed to be many things and provide many benefits, and how it works makes it easy to see why they can benefit you. Our solar powered sky lighting uses the power of the sun– to light up your home with perfectly natural coloured LED lighting systems.

By utilising sunlight, it gives you a brighter illuminated home that takes care of your daylighting needs. Daylighting is important in both residential and commercial settings as you need to light up your home or business to function and light filtering from your windows is not always the best option.

Each feature of our solar sky lighting systems is made to benefit your life every day for a long time.

Flexible Light Systems Anywhere You Can Think Of

The number one benefit that solar sky lighting gives you is flexibility. Not all homes or businesses are designed to take different types of light arrays due to different circumstances.

You might have rooms like basements, ground floor areas or even apartments that can’t have a traditional skylight installed. You might have ceilings that are not designed to take chandeliers, big fixtures or you just don’t want any of those ugly bulbs on top. Solar LED skylights answers these with simple, smart solutions.

Each solar skylight array can power up multiple LED lights wherever you want to install them. As your PV panels stay on top of your roof pointing True North, each system can power up to a dozen other LED lights – all equivalent to one traditional skylight in colour. This means that you can illuminate as much space as possible with each installation.

Solar LED Skylights: Cost Effective Solutions That Save You Money

Cost-effectivity is important to a home and business. Lighting is the second biggest energy expense across different countries, with only HVAC being the more expensive utility. In Australia alone, lighting constitutes 23 to 27% of a household’s expenses… and solar skylights will take care all of that.

As our skylighting harnesses sunshine, it runs at virtually zero operational costs. This means all your lights that are supported when you are using our system goes to virtually zero. The daylight expenses for your home and business? Zero.

In the long run, the system pays for itself and you will enjoy free lights for years to come. Businesses can run as many of our skylights as possible and they are saving money that can go to their bottom line. This, combined with the 10 year warranty on the Solar Panels and a 5 year warranty on the Solar Skylight LED panels that Sunshine Skylights provides, gives you peace of mind in the long run.

Solar Skylights: Sustainable Light Solutions That Let You Live a Great Life

Solar LED skylights are the future. This is a sustainable green technology that empowers you to live. Our lights are coloured with a natural colour temperature between 4000K to 4500K – similar to the colour of soft sunlight. This can help you improve productivity, overall health and efficiency as it is well below the temperature of blue light coming from electronic devices.

Each light emits a zero carbon footprint and no emissions at all – allowing you to reduce your overall footprint and help in the long-term recovery of the ozone layer, letting you do your part in regulating climate change while you save money and get a great lighting system. Make your life a little bit brighter and a little bit better with our solar skylight systems.

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