Make Your Home Bright with Solar Skylight Alternative

brighten up your home with solarskylights

Great bright lighting important so you can have a great quality of life. Lighting helps when you get up, improves your health, motivates you to move and makes your locale homely. Not all lighting solutions are created equal.

Depending on the applications, your lighting can bring near nothing in benefits. Solar skylights alternatives changes this. It brings beautiful, natural coloured light with many other good things

A Bright Australia Now with Solar Light Whiz

Australia is one of the global staging grounds for sustainable living due to its place in the world. The advent of LED lighting gives us the ability to light up the world and out of the darkness. There are issues to this as time goes by.

Australia’s national energy expense is averaged at 26 to 45% residential or commercial energy expense. HVAC is the only bigger power sink due to the heat of country. If you can notch this 45% out of your expenses, you can not only save money but get your world so much brighter for less.

Enter Solar Light Whiz – the solar powered sky lighting that can be easily installed with no fuss from your side. This sustainable lighting system that harnesses the power of the sun is the next great step to bring your life into the light while staying environmentally friendly.

Solar Skylights Alternatives: Making A Better, Brighter Home

Solar Light Whiz is perfect if you want a brighter home while you’re looking for ways to save money in the long run. This solar skylight alternative is supported by a PV panel that runs the different LED ceiling panels, depending on the brightness and style that you prefer.

As an example, our solar skylights radiate around 750 lumens and 2300 lumens the rounded sky lighting systems, perfectly designed for smaller areas.

If you have bigger areas to illuminate like common rooms, kitchens and play rooms, we have 2300 to 6800 lumens for our square and rectangular systems.

The option is yours on how much brightness you want to add to your home. If you need it, a dimmer option can be installed so you can enjoy shutter style levels of light for a great variety of moods and purposes.

The thing about light is that it’s not all about the lumens but also about the “colour temperature” of your lighting.

The usage of “strong daylight” colour light systems that run at 6000K or what is called blue/white light reaches deeper into our retina. This can keep you awake too much, cause heavy eye strain and slowly blur your eyes. This is the light level found on computers and LCD devices.

Our solar LED lighting runs on the natural soft light colour of 4000 to 4500K, within the range of horizon daylight. Our solar lights are better for your health while keeping your life brighter for longer!

Day and Night with Solar LIght

Solar Light Whiz was created to provide daylighting solutions to create a zero energy cost environment for your home or business. While generally residences and commercial establishments operate in daylight, you would also need to illuminate your locale at the dark of the night.

Evening operation modules are an option you can add for Solar Light Whiz so you can still get that great natural light at night. It’s effortless, radiates no heat unlike CFLs, easy to wire with no prior training and provides zero carbon emissions for a climate change ready, sustainable system.

Solar sky lighting is the next evolution of current generation lighting. Radiate the bright light powered by the sun in your home and business without the heat. Solar Light Whiz is your partner to a greener, brighter, cost-effective tomorrow.

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