Why Is Roof Ventilation Important and What Works

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Many tradies and scientific experts on the internet have different opinions about them, with “why is roof ventilation important” becoming a divisive question on its own. We have heard people say that this is useless and wasteful.

Some people swear by its ability to shunt out the heat in your home and roof space while keeping the cold air in. What’s the truth?

In our long time experience in the industry, we have tried, tested and confirmed the latter– hot air removal from your living space and roof space works and the impact is highly significant. All you need to do is make sure that you get the right venting system for your home and business.

Picking the Correct Roof Vent System for Your Home

Ceiling space, also known as roof space, in Australian subtropics, can get excessively hot due to the combination of high moisture and extreme levels of sunlight. Basic science dictates that hot air can rise, so the air can become very hot and very wet.

This hot, moist air is then trapped in your ceiling space with barely any areas to escape, creating what is called a heat load. Imagine a closed oven – the more that it sits, the hotter it gets.

We’ve seen a lot of people tell us that the answer to this is what is called passive ventilation – basically, if you’re missing a hole, add a hole! We just hope it’s as easy as that. We know that this is barely effective and using whirlies, popularly known as whirlybirds, is pointless.

You may have seen a whirlybird. It is a passive vent that spins in the presence of wind and hot air on top of roofing. The problem is that this method is expensive and useless because the ability of this vent to remove heat load depends on the presence of a breeze and hot air dissipating from your ceiling.

The average air flow that you will get from a turbine vent like a whirly is at 100 cm3/h – among the least that is out there in the market. We in the industry have a rule of thumb that we like to use as a measuring stick.

A 150 m2 standard roof area once you have calculated with a formula needs 1400 m3/h in Queensland, or 14 whirlybirds. This is a full waste of resources and money.

Solar Whiz: Active Ventilation That Works

The whirlybird is useless and wasteful. What can you use to help you cool your home off?

Solar Whiz the most viable solution you will ever need that can make your roof space cooler. This technology runs on solar power, working as an active ventilation system, harnessing the power of the sun to push out the heat load out of your home and keep all the cool air inside.

Solar ventilation is flexible, with a number of model sizes that can take care of your ventilation needs. At 700, 900, 1400 and 2100 m3/h of air flow options, you can have something for everyone. From small, single floor homes, medium-sized family ones and even big luxury abodes, Solar Whiz can cool it.

For businesses that are looking for a significant upgrade for their large workspaces, Solar Whiz’ commercial options can give you a vent system that can be 100 times better than a whirlybird!

Our solar powered active ventilation is fabricated from high-strength materials and designed to weather out the extreme environment of all Australian climates.

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